Skin Care Tips for Men

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I know what you’re thinking. Beauty tips for MEN? That can’t be right! But it’s true. Men have every reason to care about their skin as women do. Proper nutrition is vital for better looking skin and also reduces your risk of several chronic diseases. Lucky for you, you’re killing two birds with one stone! So for you men who are interested in healthy skin but are too proud to admit it, you can eat a proper diet using a quest for a reduction in chronic disease as your excuse! Before I tell you what to eat for that healthy […]

Skin Care Tips for Women

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Whether you’re running around chasing kids, spending long days at the office, or pulling all nighters in high school or college, life has us all on the move. That definitely takes a toll on the body, but also the skin! You might reach for products at your favorite drugstore or makeup counter, but do you know why some of these products work? “Many creams contain antioxidants, which help prevent free radicals from damaging cells.” (Webmd). Well, lucky for you, you can also find these in some of your favorite foods!  What are some of the keys to excellent skin? Hydration, […]

Kale Hazelnut Apple Salad for Mother’s Day

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Welcome to this month’s journey into cooking with Catherine Katz! When I started looking at Catherine’s website to decide what to make for this month’s blog, I had no idea where I was going. I had already done a dessert and an entrée, so what do I do next..? Then I remembered that this month features Mother’s Day and my own mother would likely want to have a family meal. I decided why not make a nice side dish for that meal! I’m a genius! So I landed on Catherine’s Kale Hazelnut Apple Salad! I’m sure you’ve heard by now how […]


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The concept of berries being used as a way of preventing cancer started in the 1980’s when Professor Gary Stoner found out that the ellagic acid located in produce prevented the formation of tumors.  Plenty of research has been done in the past 30 years since the discovery by Gary Stoner focusing on berries and cancer prevention.  Blueberries in particular have been shown to minimize and fix the harm that has been done to the body by inflammation and oxidative stress. Blueberries include a wealth of nutrients and phytochemicals including, but not limited to fiber, vitamin C, anthocyanins and ellagic […]

Canned Fruit: How to get the most nutritious bang for your buck!

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Ww all know fruit is good for us. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and C, potassium, folate and magnesium. As well as antioxidants like beta carotene, resveratrol and lycopene. And dont forget the awesome that is fiber! All of these nutrients together promote total body health! As each color provides a different array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s important to eat as many different colors as possible to get the best benefits. Heres a great chart to help show which fruits contain which nutrients: While fruit is essential to maintain our overall health, not all […]