The Oldways Supermarket Dietitian Symposium

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My colleague Sarah and I recently went to the Oldways Supermarket Dietitian Symposium in New Orleans for the first time, and as its National Nutrition Month, I thought I would share all the awesome things we learned with you! First I feel as though I should explain what Oldways is (for those of you that don’t already know).  Oldways was founded in 1990 by K. Dun Gifford as a non-profit food and nutrition education organization that strives to guide people towards good health through theirs and others heritage.  This is their mission statement “Oldways guides people to good health through […]

Festival Foods Green Bay, WI December 2015

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Made a stop in Packer’s Country to check out how Festival Foods is doing with the NuVal Scores program, and boy, were we excited with what we saw!   We loved how Festival highlighted the NuVal 100s in the produce section!         Protein was no different – extremely well done by the team at Festival!   Throughout the grocery store, it was easy to see the scores so they could be used to trade up to healthy foods, and there was no shortage of information for anyone to use to learn more about this program! Way to […]

Scolaris in Nevada, November 2015

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We visited Scolari’s in November, and were VERY excited about what we saw! It was NuVal galore!         First of all, in case you haven’t used NuVal before, Scolari’s has signage all over the store to help you understand how to use the NuVal nutritional scoring system!    Scolari’s and NuVal work together to help you Eat and Cook Better! Head over to the meat counter, and Scolari’s has awesome signs that show NuVal scores for your fresh proteins.    Whether the product is on sale or regularly priced, you see NuVal scores clear as day!         Thank YOU, […]