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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 07:03 AM

Welcome to Trade-Up Tuesday!  Tuesdays are the most popular day on my blog, because at the end of this post, there is always a giveaway! Today, I’m thinking about the word Alternative.  You know, Alternative Fuel, Alternative Music, Alternative Spring Break. 

I got the idea for today’s giveaway this past weekend, during my sister’s baby shower.  Yes, our baby sister  is having a baby!

During the shower, we were talking about how to eat more nutritiously (of course!) – and my sister, Pilates Julie, was all excited about an Alternative she had planned. 

She was having friends over for dinner.  “Usually, I make risotto.  But I was thinking about pearled barley as an alternative.  How would that score on the NuVal scale?” she asked.

“Very high,”  I told her.  “I will check it out for you.”  I don’t bring my laptop to baby showers, so once at home, I did check it out.  Sure enough, pearled barley scores a 91.  The risotto only scores a 48.

I checked back in with Pilates Julie to see how her dinner with friends went.  Did her friends mind that she was serving them this nutritious pearled barley instead of the usual risotto?  “Oh!” she exclaimed.  “It was wonderful!  I served the pearled barley as the main course.  I added shrimp for protein.  Everyone actually preferred it over the risotto.  It was so creamy – no butter or cheese needed.  We accompanied it with a crisp green salad.  The perfect meal.” 

What a great Alternative!  I thought of some other alternatives to add to this giveaway.

My friend Heather, an amazing cook, only uses Dreamfield’s pasta now.  I know many people who are hesitant to trade on up to whole wheat pastas – and I get that.  The texture is almost always different.  However, if you haven’t tried Dreamfield’s, you absolutely must.  It scores an 87 on the NuVal scale.  And it is so creamy.  Try it as an alternative to regular pasta (most score about a 57).  Your guests or your family will never know the difference.

Brown rice (NuVal score of 82) is an aquired taste for most people – especially children!  However, did you know that parboiled rice (which looks and tastes almost like white rice) also scores an 82 on the NuVal scale.  It’s a great Alternative to white rice (which scores a 57).  Parboiled rice is what my kids eat.  They have no idea they are being so healthy.

In my daily life as a mom, sister, daughter, neighbor, citizen, shopper, businessperson, I listen to a lot of different conversations.  And right now, the buzz that I hear is “I’d like to lose a few pounds” or ”I’d like to fit into those jeans again” or ”I’d like to eat more nutritiously.”  But the only way to do that is to change something that you are doing.  Insanity is defined as as repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.  So, these are just three small ideas of alternative foods – or at NuVal, what we call Trade-Ups.

Today’s Giveaway

One lucky reader will win the Alternative Giveaway.  All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me one of the following:

  • An alternative (or Trade-Up) you’ve made
  • About a time when you did something different and it helped you achieve a goal
  • Whether you are most likely to like Alternative Music, drive a car that takes Alternative Fuel, or go on an Alternative Spring Break

I’ll choose one winner at random at 8 am Eastern on Wednesday January 11th.  Good luck everybody!


NuVal is in today’s USA Today!  You can read the article here!

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