All About Diabetes!

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Welcome to National Diabetes Month here on A Better Bag of Groceries!  This week I will be discussing the definition, symptoms, risk factors and prevention of diabetes.  From then on we will be providing ideas on low sugar meal options.  On November 9th Amanda will discuss low sugar breakfast options, November 16th Stephanie will discuss low sugar lunch options, November 23rd I will discuss low sugar dinner options and November 30th Amanda will discuss low sugar dessert options. The term diabetes mellitus applies to several diseases that impact how glucose is used by the body.  These diseases are type I, […]

Warm Vegetarian Lunch Options

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When you think of vegetarian lunch options, do you automatically think of tofu or tempeh?  Well, you’re not alone.  There are many vegetarian foods and recipes that will help you eat a balanced diet.  So for those of you who don’t like soy or are sick of eating the same thing every day, hang on to your hats while I blow your mind with alternative vegetarian lunch options! This Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger will hit the sweet spot for all of you looking for a variety in your traditional vegetarian burger.  When you think of sweet potatoes, you probably […]

Summer Sunsets

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Enjoying the sunset is one of the best things about summer in my opinion. The cool breeze at night, watching the gorgeous colors change and enjoying something tasty to eat? Why not! Watching sunsets is thought to have many health benefits beyond just a pleasant night out. Like many other aspects of being “in nature” it improves your emotional /mental health, concern for others, and increases your satisfaction with life. It allows you to slow down and really enjoy the moments in life. Many scientists believe it to be a form a meditation and have shown that it can actually […]

Tara’s Journey to NuVal

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It all started in high school when I was trying to decide what I wanted to major in when I went to college.  I took an accounting class because I liked math, but decided it was kind of boring.  Then I took a cooking class where we learned a little bit about nutrition, and I found it intriguing.  I then applied to schools with Nutrition programs and I ended up at the University of Rhode Island. As a Nutrition major, I didn’t know early on which path I wanted to take once I graduated, but I was grateful I knew […]

Walnut Salmon with Simply Quinoa

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Welcome to a new section of the blog that we are bringing back by popular demand: Cooking with Catherine Katz! Each month I will pick one or two recipes from Catherine’s website and provide NuVal scores for the key ingredients and interesting facts about those ingredients. I will also share my trials, tribulations and successes of making those recipes at home and how they came out. We hope you enjoy this revitalized segment! Welcome to my first journey in Cooking with Catherine Katz! I went on to Catherine’s website and was amazed at all the different recipes to try… I, however, have […]