Classic Summer Barbecue

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Contrary to popular belief, the method of barbecuing was not created by Americans.  Anthropologists believe about 1 million years ago Homo erectus began cooking meat.  The origin of the word “barbecue” is a little uncertain as well, but conventional wisdom suggests Spanish explorer Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés, commonly known as “Oviedo”, used the word “barbecoa” in 1526 in a Spanish dictionary to describe how the natives in the Caribbean and what is now Florida would cook their food using a wooden rack over the ground.  According to Oviedo, “barbecoa” originated from the Taino dialect of the Arawak American […]

Enough about the ladies! Here’s to the fellas!

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Now that we’ve spent an entire month talking about women, it’s only fair to now take a whole month to focus on the men in our lives! So this month is all yours fellas! Sit back, relax, and get hit by some knowledge. This week I will focus on type 2 diabetes prevention, June 8th will be cardiovascular health and lung cancer risk, June 15th is all about being a healthy dad (Happy Father’s Day!), June 22nd focuses on prostate cancer awareness and finally on June 29th, skin care tips for men! Yes gentleman, you need to moisturize too. Type 2 […]

Walnut Salmon with Simply Quinoa

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Welcome to a new section of the blog that we are bringing back by popular demand: Cooking with Catherine Katz! Each month I will pick one or two recipes from Catherine’s website and provide NuVal scores for the key ingredients and interesting facts about those ingredients. I will also share my trials, tribulations and successes of making those recipes at home and how they came out. We hope you enjoy this revitalized segment! Welcome to my first journey in Cooking with Catherine Katz! I went on to Catherine’s website and was amazed at all the different recipes to try… I, however, have […]