Happy Halloween!

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We all know that Halloween parties can derail our aspirations to eat healthy. Candy and Cider Donuts and tasty themed cocktails… oh my! While it’s okay to eat those things in moderation, having them throughout the month of October (and realistically into November) isn’t going to help us any. So what do you do? Beware of the cocktail mixers…. Commercial cocktail mixers are often either flavored sugar water or soda. That is a lot of extra empty calories you could be consuming. Better to have the glass of red wine (it even fits the theme), or a cocktail mixed with […]

Allium Vegtables: Powerful flavor with powerful nutrition!

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Welcome to Cancer Control Month on A Better Bag of Groceries.  In the month of April we plan to focus on a variety of fruits and vegetables that may reduce your risk of developing cancer.  We will talk about what components of the fruit/vegetable that reduce your risk of developing cancer, how to incorporate it into your diet if not already there as well as uses of the fruit/vegetable.  The fruits and vegetables we will be discussing provide a concoction of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants beneficial to your health.  Today we will be talking about the allium vegetables and […]