Can Parfaits really be healthy?

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We all pretty much know and love parfaits for breakfast (or anytime really!). They are creamy and fruity and crunchy… all the things we love in a tasty treat. And probably most importantly, they are portable! Most people associate this treat with being a healthy one, but did you know how much sugar can be hidden in it?  In the yogurt itself, the granola, the fruit mixtures, cream toppings, etc. So can it really be a healthy breakfast option for you? The answer of course is yes…. If you make it yourself! When you make it at home you can […]

Mix Up Your Scrambles – It’s Better Breakfast Month!

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September means school’s in session, which only highlights the importance of a hearty and healthy breakfast to start off your day. Throughout this month we will be providing some fun breakfast ideas so you can have not just nutrition, but variety in your morning meals. First up, we’re covering scrambles and eggs, and stay tuned throughout September for more delicious ideas. I’m more of a savory breakfast person – I love pancakes and waffles, but I prefer eggs and toast, especially when it comes to getting flavor and nutrition. Large eggs are a NuVal 56, making them a delicious and […]

Breakfast on the deck? Heck yea!

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Welcome to August! This Month we decided to talk about all things picnics! Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy those nice long sunny days. Picnics don’t have to be just in the afternoon or just in parks either. We are going to talk about having picnics at all times of the day and at many different places. We’ll provide some great easy recipes as well as tips and tricks. So get creative and get outside! This week I’m going to talk about making breakfast on the deck, aug 10th will be the classic summer barbeque, aug […]