Happy Halloween!

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We all know that Halloween parties can derail our aspirations to eat healthy. Candy and Cider Donuts and tasty themed cocktails… oh my! While it’s okay to eat those things in moderation, having them throughout the month of October (and realistically into November) isn’t going to help us any. So what do you do? Beware of the cocktail mixers…. Commercial cocktail mixers are often either flavored sugar water or soda. That is a lot of extra empty calories you could be consuming. Better to have the glass of red wine (it even fits the theme), or a cocktail mixed with […]

Spice Up Your Salads!

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The best thing about salads is the incorporation of greens – adults are supposed to consume from 2.5 to 3 cups of vegetables a day, and a leafy green salad is a quick and easy way to meet those goals. However, having a traditional salad can get tiresome, so it’s important to know that there are other salad options out there that you can add on  top of your leafy greens or even just  to have on its own as a lunch or dinner side. Mayo-less potato salads: these salads are great carbs that can serve as excellent platforms for […]

Warm Vegetarian Lunch Options

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When you think of vegetarian lunch options, do you automatically think of tofu or tempeh?  Well, you’re not alone.  There are many vegetarian foods and recipes that will help you eat a balanced diet.  So for those of you who don’t like soy or are sick of eating the same thing every day, hang on to your hats while I blow your mind with alternative vegetarian lunch options! This Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger will hit the sweet spot for all of you looking for a variety in your traditional vegetarian burger.  When you think of sweet potatoes, you probably […]

All things vegetarian!

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Welcome to National Vegetarian Month here on A Better Bag of Groceries! This month Amanda, Tara and I are going to tackle all things vegetarian. This week I’m going to discuss the different types of vegetarianism as well as the common myths and concerns associated with the lifestyle. On Oct 12th Tara will be giving you ideas for warm lunches, Oct 19th, Amanda will give us some atypical salads (let’s be honest, we all need new ideas) and I’ll be giving you awesome Halloween party ideas on Oct 26th. Now what exactly is being a vegetarian? The dictionary defines it […]

The All-American Breakfast CAN Be Balanced + Delicious!

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Nothing was more exciting for me in college than a brunch date. Whether it was with friends or my boyfriend, I loved exploring new breakfast spots. My favorite part was being able to get a little of everything in one plate – some sweet pancakes, salty and crisp bacon, creamy, luxurious scrambled eggs… you get every texture and flavor profile in one! However, the main reason brunch should only come once a week is because indulgence is not always the most nutritious. However, there are a few ways to enjoy a flavor-packed breakfast, while sneaking in some key nutrients into […]