The blog is written and maintained by 3 NuVal staff members:
  • Stephanie Palmer RD: Stephanie has a BS in Human Nutrition from Umass Amherst. Completed her Dietetic Internship at UCONN and has been a registered dietitian since 2011. Stephanie has worked with NuVal since 2011. She works in the scoring division, helping to generate scores and maintain accuracy. She also helps with marketing, social media and web development/IT efforts. She loves staying active through yoga and hiking and enjoys making jewelry in her free time. Stephanie developed a love of traveling after college and hopes to visit Iceland for her upcoming 30th birthday.


  • Tara Dorsey: Tara has a MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons College.  Tara was hired by NuVal in 2010 to work in the scoring division. Like Stephanie, she also helps to generate scores and maintain accuracy. She works with Stephanie and other team members doing marketing and social media as well.  In her free time, Tara teaches a spinning class once a week at a local university.  Some of the ways she enjoys staying active are running, swimming, strength training and hot yoga. She competes in several marathons a year and hopes to qualify for Boston in the next few years.


  • Amanda Barillas:



The best way to use NuVal is to “trade up” from what you’re currently eating to a higher scoring product. Even the smallest jump in score can have an impact on your health. Making small incremental change is the best way to affect long term changes in eating habits and in your health. We hope this helps and happy grocery shopping!


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