Africa during the holidays!

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Africa is an incredibly diverse country, with religions ranging from Christianity to Islam, and with that comes all their traditional holidays. Approximately 350 million people in Africa are Christian, and they spread throughout the continent, each with their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. Here’s how a few countries celebrate! Ethiopia celebrates on January 7th with fasting throughout the beginning of the day and then followed by Church services. They enjoy a feast in the evening with their family and friends. Ghana starts celebrating the first day of December, and the culmination of their celebrations on Christmas Day end […]

Happy Holidays from Asia!

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Welcome to December! Happy Holidays! This month on A Better Bag of Groceries we are going to be talking about holidays celebrated all over the world in the month of December. First up is Asia, Tara will then cover Europe, Amanda wants to talk about Africa, and then back to me for South America. We hope to enlighten you to some new cultures, customs, and recipes to try! First up is Asia. With so many countries making up the continent of Asia, I’m going to focus on a few select holidays. Omisoka – Omisoka is Japan’s New Year’s Eve celebration. […]

Quick and easy ideas for a low sugar dinner!

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog (and I hope all of you are), you have already learned that a diet low in sugar and void of processed food is essential to help control your diabetes and lead a healthy lifestyle (surprise, surprise…).  The tips you learned on how to avoid sugar at breakfast and lunch apply to dinner as well.  Dinner can consist of an appetizer, a side dish and a main course.  There are plenty of low sugar, high fiber and minimally processed recipes online that can be incorporated into a diabetic diet (or any healthy diet […]

The secrets of a low sugar lunch!

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So what are the secrets to getting less sugar in your lunch and controlling your blood sugar when you have diabetes?  Two things: eating less processed/convenience foods and making your lunches ahead of time. Knowing what is in your food and scheduling a plan are two of the best ways to monitor your sugar levels. The Problem: Processed and convenience foods. These are a hard one for most Americans to give up. We have busy days and just need to microwave something. I for one totally get that! But these microwaveable store-bought entrees are some of the unhealthiest around. They […]

Happy Halloween!

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We all know that Halloween parties can derail our aspirations to eat healthy. Candy and Cider Donuts and tasty themed cocktails… oh my! While it’s okay to eat those things in moderation, having them throughout the month of October (and realistically into November) isn’t going to help us any. So what do you do? Beware of the cocktail mixers…. Commercial cocktail mixers are often either flavored sugar water or soda. That is a lot of extra empty calories you could be consuming. Better to have the glass of red wine (it even fits the theme), or a cocktail mixed with […]