Africa during the holidays!

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Africa is an incredibly diverse country, with religions ranging from Christianity to Islam, and with that comes all their traditional holidays. Approximately 350 million people in Africa are Christian, and they spread throughout the continent, each with their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. Here’s how a few countries celebrate!

  1. Ethiopia celebrates on January 7th with fasting throughout the beginning of the day and then followed by Church services. They enjoy a feast in the evening with their family and friends.
  2. Ghana starts celebrating the first day of December, and the culmination of their celebrations on Christmas Day end in a delicious feast usually featuring goat and stews, and kids enjoy a stunning parade to round out the night.
  3. Nigeria celebrates Christmas with fireworks while they await the arrival of their Santa Clause, Father Christmas.
  4. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Festivities in this country tend to start in the evening and go late into the night as the celebrators watch the annual Nativity production. The evening ends with a lavish meal and families usually sleep in the next day.

All the world celebrates Christmas differently, but there is almost always an emphasis on a delicious meal celebrated with family and friends. Happy Holidays everyone!

~ Amanda


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