Quick and easy ideas for a low sugar dinner!

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If you’re a frequent reader of our blog (and I hope all of you are), you have already learned that a diet low in sugar and void of processed food is essential to help control your diabetes and lead a healthy lifestyle (surprise, surprise…).  The tips you learned on how to avoid sugar at breakfast and lunch apply to dinner as well.  Dinner can consist of an appetizer, a side dish and a main course.  There are plenty of low sugar, high fiber and minimally processed recipes online that can be incorporated into a diabetic diet (or any healthy diet for that matter).

  • Appetizer: The first recipe I’m going to feature is this delicious Greek-Style Stuffed Mushroom appetizer.  Made up of mostly vegetables, this appetizer is both nutritious and delicious.  Just remember when purchasing breadcrumbs at the grocery store, look for ones that have little to no added sugar and salt.  Breadcrumbs that have a NuVal score of at least an 85 are free of added sugar and salt.  Better yet, make your own breadcrumbs.
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  • Side Dish: You can’t go wrong with a simple side salad as a side dish. This Fresh Tomato Salad features several NuVal 100 scoring vegetables including tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and green bell peppers.  What’s even better is that instead of using salad dressing (a hidden source of added sugar) they recommend you use 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, which has no added sugar.
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  • Main Course: Lastly, the main course. Now that the weather is turning colder, you’ll want to try this sugar free Slow-Cooker Beef Stew.  Now you’re probably thinking “I don’t have time to trim the beef, chop the carrots and slice the mushrooms in the morning before work”.  Well you don’t have to.  Prep the ingredients the night before, stick them in the refrigerator overnight and then dump them in the slow cooker in the morning.  You’ll come home from work at the end of the day with dinner already cooked!
  • have-beef-with-that

Come back next week to learn about low sugar dessert options!


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