Low Sugar Doesn’t Mean Sweet-less Desserts!

Posted on Posted in National Diabetes Month 2016

It’s important to watch your sugar intake, even when sugar is the main point of the meal – that’s right, I’m talking about desserts. Even when you have a sweet tooth, or it’s time to enjoy the end of a delicious dinner, you should be cognizant of the amount of added sugar in your desserts. Many of the suggestions below contain fruit, because while overall sugar amount is important, we are not here to deprive you of a sweet dessert. Fruit, unlike added sugars, contains fiber. The fiber helps to slow the absorption of sugar into your blood stream, making it easier for your body to process it. However, you can control the amount of added sugar. Fruits are an excellent way to get your sugar fix, but you can jazz them up when you feel indulgent!

  • Chocolate covered fruits- everything from citrus to berries, to apples and bananas can be covered in chocolate. For a healthier version, go with dark chocolate.
  • Yogurt parfait – Start with plain yogurt and layer your favorite fruits and toppings, like unsweetened coconut shavings, almonds, and cocoa nibs.
  • Homemade froyo – Frozen yogurt is an awesome way to bump up the previous parfait suggestion. Puree the plain yogurt , fruit and toppings together and freeze.
  • Homemade fruit pops – Puree and freeze. It’s that simple! Add some unsweetened nut milk for added protein!

These are some of my favorite suggestions when I’m looking for something sweet, but not feeling like chocolate cake or candy. I end up feeling much better when I enjoy these options! And again, a little honey (1 teaspoon or less) or a touch of your favorite sweetener is okay! These are just alternatives for those watching their sugar intake!

Let us know your favorite creative low-sugar dessert in the comments below!


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